Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What 'The power of R' is saying

Hey again,

I was looking for random things at google and I found such an interesting site:, were you can put lots of words or the url of a blog (like this for example) and you get a cloud with the words you put and you can change colors and everything, here's what I got with the blog...

Enjoy it :)


  1. Don't see anything there except a search engine. What did you to do to generate the word cloud?

  2. Sorry, I think I put a wrong link, why don't you try it now? :)

  3. Hi there "the R user",
    I would like to contact you VIA e-mail, but can't seem to find it here on this blog.
    If you are willing, please send me an e-mail to:


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  5. This is a great utility and I've used this for presentations. One proble, is extracting the the output. I've found that the output needs to be converted to jpeg (for example), which requires finding another utility. Word-clouds can also be generated on IBM's Many Eyes site (free) and using Wordaizer (spelling?), which is also a free utility, but you need to install it locally.

  6. Hello All.
    Software Developer's Journal published a new issue fully dedicated to R language (250 pages).
    You can read the teaser now: